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Songs For Sunday by Pie Eyed Pete and The New Dealers
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Songs For Sunday by Pie Eyed Pete and The New Dealers
Duration:4:59   Year:2019
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It seems like, lately, life is always somehow getting away from us. The work we

is longer, the weekends shorter and good old conversations have been replace by tweets and snapchattery. We wake up early, go to bed late and all we really have to show for it is a stomach full of stress and a face full of eye bags.

Maybe it’s time we slow things down a little.

Enter Pie Eyed Pete & The New Dealers and a little something they call “Slowgrass.” A self-styled genre of music and a way of life. Listening to their n release is like grabbing a beer, heading out to the porch and spending an afternoon strummin’, pickin’, and fiddlin’ away the hours. The nine tunes on thei new record “Songs For Sunday” show that life’s like a song: it’s not about how many notes you can cram into it, but actually all about what happens in the spa between the notes.

As the fab, “Change Your Mind,” cautions you to “look out, life’s comin’ again,” and that you’ll “maybe get run over, maybe get things done.” The idea that as much as we try, we’re not always in control of where life takes us runs through the album and suggests that maybe the best way to deal with all the uncertaint is to just strap yourself in for the ride, preferably with a bottle of something in y hand (liquor, beer, Spanish wine… that choice is up to you).

Whether hitting the road (“Indiana”), penning songs (“Songs for Sunday”) or tipping back a cold one (“Empty Bottle, Empty Wallet,” “Think!”… pretty much every song), the goal is… well, that there isn’t always a goal, other than being with people you care about and appreciating the fact that, hey, “you got anothe day.”

With on Cathie Van Wert Menard on fiddle, Jim O’Donnell on banjo, Ed Sulliva on bass, Andon Davis on Mandolin, Peter Cimbalo on Guitar and vocals and Sheila Cimbalo contributing tight vocal harmonies, The New Dealers style is an authentic, relaxed yet playful vibe that keeps your toes tappin’ and has you singing along by the time the chorus hits. This is a lo-fi band in a Wi-Fi world a they couldn’t arrive at a better time.

So, while life is probably not going to slow down anytime soon, Pie Eyed Pete The New Dealers will always be close by, playing their “Slowgrass for the people”, and reminding you to “forget your dreams, we’re going out tonight.”

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